Hi friends, In this lesson i will guide you how to remove all the members of a group of Facebook in one time in a simple trick . If you want to delete facebook group then you will do it after deleting members of group because no options are available for deleting a group. It possible only one trick when you delete all the members and no one in group then you delete the group but if members are so many and you want to delete them. Then you think how to remove all fb group members in once and one by one deleting is so boring and it takes hours of time. So i tell you a trick to delete all the members in a single time. I also posted you must read How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently.

how to remove facebook group members

In this post i will share a script with you to remove Facebook group. You use this trick only on pc or laptop. Many websites are available who tell us trick to Facebook removal. But mostly of them are not work because Facebook changed their security and options always. I also post How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently read it. If you also want to delete your Facebook group then follow the steps.

I read all the tricks to delete Facebook group members and groups and found this best trick to delete facebook group. For this we use a laptop or pc and use any browser like chrome or Mozilla Firefoxremove for deleting all members from facebook group script. In this trick i not use any type of apps or not any tool, we use a working script to delete facebook group, it is tested so i share this trick with you follow all the method step wise


  • First we download the Facebook remover script Download
  • When you have successfully downloading script simply open it, copy your facebook profile id, search and change 100008620719377 with your facebook profile id. If you not find your facebook profile id then try this link to find your facebook profile id. Find My Facebook Id
  • Now open your Facebook group which you want to remove
  • Then click on members
  • After it right click in blank space and choose inspect element option

remove facebook group member in once

  • Now paste the script then removing of members start automatically one by one. It takes some time, wait till it run, it do all works automatically.

For try this trick you have to confirm that you have more time to do this work because some times spend.

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